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Big Bird's Guide to Navigating Adulthood

children digging in the sand with headlamps on

Sesame Street has been around for a whopping 50 years and has taught us more than just the ABC's! It's also given us some awe-inspiring life lessons that we can hold onto well into adulthood. Here are just a few of the many grown-up lessons Sesame Street has taught us, also known as Big Bird's Guide to Navigating Adulthood!


First and foremost, Sesame Street teaches us the value of diversity and inclusion. From the very beginning, the show has featured characters of different races, ethnicities, and abilities, and has always celebrated these differences as strengths rather than weaknesses. As adults, we can learn from Sesame Street's example and strive to be more accepting and inclusive in our own lives. Whether it's in our workplaces, our communities, or even just our personal relationships, we can all benefit from embracing diversity and celebrating the unique qualities that make each of us who we are.

Lifelong Learning

Another important lesson we can learn from Sesame Street is the value of education and lifelong learning. The show has always been committed to teaching children about everything from the alphabet to basic math and science concepts, and as adults, we can continue to learn from this example. Whether it's through formal education, reading, or just exploring new hobbies and interests, there is always something new to discover and learn about in the world around us. And just like the characters on Sesame Street, we can all benefit from a little bit of curiosity and a willingness to explore and learn.


Of course, no discussion of Sesame Street would be complete without mentioning the importance of kindness and empathy. From Big Bird's gentle nature to Elmo's infectious enthusiasm, the characters on Sesame Street have always embodied the values of kindness and compassion. As adults, we can learn from their example and strive to be kinder and more empathetic in our own lives. Whether it's by volunteering, donating to charity, or simply taking the time to listen to someone who needs a friendly ear, there are countless ways we can all make a positive impact on the world around us.

So there you have it - just a few of the many adult lessons we can learn from Sesame Street. Whether you grew up watching the show or just discovered it recently, there is no denying the lasting impact it has had on generations of viewers. So the next time you find yourself humming the show's iconic theme song or quoting one of its beloved characters, remember that there is more to Sesame Street than just entertainment - it's a valuable source of inspiration and wisdom for kids and adults alike.


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