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About US

Why Willow and Sage Marketing?

Once upon a time, two women realized they had spent over 25 years working for other companies including nonprofits, agencies, consulting, sales, real estate, and small business, but wanted to do more. All of these companies had one connecting factor - when the women worked for each of them they were helping companies grow - from mom-and-pop pizza joints to large retirement communities. The next logical step was to start a business for themselves and create a space where they could use all this knowledge to help businesses get to the next step. They dream of creating a space for sharing their knowledge, building a company where other marketing experts could grow, and implementing practices that make sense. 


While they considered many names, a wise man told them to "go with what means something" to them. (Even AI couldn't help with this one!)  They landed on Sage first - the word that means wise and knowledgeable and is tracked for "sage advice." That alone wasn't enough. They were looking for a word that expressed the huge (exciting) change to their lives that starting their own agency would bring. Willow means just that - uprooting, change, movement—the perfect combination. 


To the growing team at Willow and Sage, these names combine elements of nature with a sense of wisdom, growth, and strength, reflecting the inspiring qualities of the two women and their marketing consulting business.

Meet the Team

"I’ve worked with Shannan for many years.  She’s detailed oriented and creates high end marketing communications that are effective to any organization."

Tony Rife, Caskey Printing/YGS

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